Photograph of Christine Carey.


Christine Montaño Carey

Spanish Colonial Art, Tin Art, Retablo Art, Commercial Art, Fine Art




By Christine Montaño Carey

Painting has been an intricate part of Christine's life from childhood. The need to explore different techniques, different pallets and different subject matter is her driving force. As is seen in these few samples of her work, wherever the spirit moves her is where she goes. From the lure of the Southwest to scenes she calls nostalgia taking you to yesteryear, to a quiet still-life, she traverses in and out of these different worlds. The Spanish Colonial art has opened up yet another world for the complex versatility of Christine's art.

Christine and her husband Vic Carey have been in the art business for nearly twenty five years. With galleries in Santa Fe, Laguna Beach California, Carmel California, Aspen Colorado, and Austin Texas, she knows the world of art through promotion of well known artists as well as her own. Christine's paintings have been collected by collectors and institutions throughout the world.

Christine Montaño Cary Selected Fine Art
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photo of flowers in a vase painting. photo of flowers in a vase painting.  
photo of large home winter scene painting. photo of gabezo in a flower garden painting. photo of person doing fall cleanup painting. photo of family returning home, winterscene painting.
photo of village at night scene painting. photo of large adobe home painting. photo of large adobe house winter scene painting. photo of entrance door to adobe house winter scene painting.
photo of desert barn painting. photo of southwest desert scene painting. photo of campfire near a cave at night painting. photo of Autum Light painting.

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